Nicole & Cameron Went on an Adventure
There are so many moving parts to making a photo, and so many things have to go right. Beautiful light, amazing locations, and absolute champions in front of the camera — if you can get all three then you can really make something wild. We were so lucky then that Nicole and Cameron are not only amazing in front of the camera, but absolute troopers to take us up on our bonkers suggestion to start at dawn at Seven Mile Beach in the middle of the coldest months of the year!
We promised adventure, and boy did we (inadvertantly) deliver! It was somewhere around 3 celcius on the beach that morning, and the sand we were standing on was as cold as ice. In the end the water was warmer than the air or the sand, but we were treated to an amazing lightshow from purples to pinks to brilliant yellows and blues when the sun peaked up over the horizon. We had the beach to ourselves, and it was a pretty special moment.
After breakfast we headed to our next location, and adventure reared its head — a bushfire had cut across the only access road to where we’d planned to go. A bit of post breakfast googling gave us a hint of an old walking trail that lead to the bottom of a waterfall. So of course we went chasing waterfalls! It really was like nowhere else on earth, seeing that column of water fall into an almost black pool. The only thing that shined brighter was Nicole and Cam, those two lovebirds were right there with us 100%. Thanks for being so awesome!
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