Sarah & Nate at Watson's Bay
One of our favourite things about what we do is that we get to meet people from all around the world, and sometimes we get to be ambassadors for our city. When Sarah and Nate, who hail from Kansas City, Missouri, got in touch with us about shooting their engagement session in Sydney, we knew we had to put on a good show. 
We started at Watsons Bay, which is a favourite of ours where you can see a hint of the city, have access to these amazing cliff faces that look over the magnificent Sydney Harbour, but all within a few minutes of public transport. We also accidentally strayed into one of the few, err, naturalist, beaches. So a good show indeed.
No trip to Sydney can be complete without getting out into the harbour, and for our money the best way to do it is just to get on a ferry. With a bit of timetable research we timed it so we would be on the ferry as the sun was setting behind the Harbour Bridge as we passed — by far the best vantage point to see the sun set over Sydney.
As the sun set and fall into twilight there’s no better place to finish the day than at the Opera House. Sarah and Nate came prepared, with a quick costume change they were ready to take in the Sydney nightlife. It was such a pleasure to photograph their engagement, hopefully they also enjoyed the places we took them as well!
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